Discover the Putting Secrets used by 10-Time PGA Tour winner Steve Elkington

Get a video preview of The Reality of Putting featuring Steve Elkington and Geoff Mangum

reality of putting geoff mangum

There’s a problem today with most putting instruction. Putting for hours on end is not only tedious for most golfers, but they rarely have a clear direction to their putting practice.

Putting is an art and a science. You should be learning and developing your skills from people who’s methods have a proven track record. We’re so confident about The Reality of Putting that we want to send you a free 4 part video series featuring Elk and Geoff Mangum.

In this FREE 4-part video series, you will discover:

  • How to distinguish between all the different types of putters on the market
  • How Steve Elkington develops his putting routine
  • Why most people already have great touch for putting
  • How you can learn from the best putters who have ever played
  • The right mental strategy to use on the greens
  • How to simplify your green reading process
  • and much more…

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